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Universal Studios is the Hollywood studio of the last century. Now it has become the largest movie theme park in the world. The Studio Tour will take you to experience real movie shooting scenes such as air crashes, floods, explosions, water worlds, and movie themes, and roller coasters will take you into a wonderful virtual world to enjoy thrills. Featured Experiences 1. Studio Tour Explore one of the largest movie street scenes in Hollywood history and get a glimpse into the secrets behind filmmaking. The legendary studio tour is full of fresh excitement. Sit comfortably on a tram with a built-in HD display and immerse yourself in a rich outdoor experience. Along the way, you will encounter earthquakes, floods, tail-end collisions with great white sharks, confrontation with King Kong and other accidents, and enjoy the special effects in the blockbuster up close. Scenes. The duration is about 45 minutes, and there is a Chinese version. 2. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Take a magical journey in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, explore the mysterious Hogwarts Castle and experience this magical and adventurous world. 3. Water World Watch the world’s wonderful live water stunts and blasting performances, creating a tense picture no less than a movie, and the hot action scenes will include you and give you an immersive sense of danger. The performance lasts for 20 minutes. 4. Transformers 3D virtual roller coaster Transformers 3D virtual roller coaster combines the real image of 3D high-definition media, realistic flight simulation technology and world-leading special effects to enhance the human body’s sensory experience. You’ll fight a deadly battle between Megatron, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and the Autobot EVAC, or face off against an oversized giant Transformer. 5. The Mummy’s Revenge Roller Coaster If you want to be in the middle of your favorite movie and experience those thrilling movie sets and bridges for yourself, challenge one of the scariest indoor roller coasters in the world: The Mummy’s Revenge Scream all the way in the dark and experience a creepy ride. 6. Minions 3D virtual roller coaster With the popularity of the movie “Despicable Me”, Minions are now the big stars of Universal Studios. Follow Minions, Gru and their daughters to experience it and embark on an emotional journey And laugh at the exciting journey in which you will join the Minions on new adventures. 7. Restaurant Shopping Universal Studios Hollywood’s recommended City Boulevard is full of restaurants and shops. It can be said to be the epitome of Hollywood. Grab a full meal at Hollywood Restaurant, Jurassic Café, Universal Studios and Central Shopping. , Transformers theme store, etc. to buy collector’s edition posters, movie props and various souvenirs.
Business hours:
All year round Saturday to Sunday 09:00-18:00 Monday, Friday 10:00-18:00 Tuesday to Thursday 10:00-17:00
Preferential treatment policy:
Infants and toddlers: under 3 years old (not included), free
Children: Age: 3 years old (inclusive) ~ 9 years old (inclusive), child ticket
Supplementary Note: The above information is for reference only, and the specific information is subject to the day when the scenic spot is announced.
Service Facilities:
Luggage Storage: Universal Studios Hollywood offers a storage service where you can store your excess items in a convenient locker in the park, safely and quickly. Locker charges accept cash and credit cards. Locker specifications are as follows: $8 Locker: Height – 12¾” Width – 11” Length – 16½” $12 Locker: Height – 16” Width – 8” Length – 16” $15 Locker: Height – 21½” Width – 11” Length – 16” Lockers are priced for one day, unlimited deposits/withdrawals. Lockers are limited on a first-come, first-served basis.
Scenic spot description: There are several Mandarin-speaking tourist buses that depart regularly every day. Your Mandarin-speaking guide will take you to discover the location of Universal Studios Hollywood, visiting famous scenes from classic movies. Featured Highlights: • “Encounter” the horrific plane crash of the World War • Visit Wisteria Lane, where ABC’s hit TV series “Desperate Housewives” was filmed • Meet Norman Bates at the legendary Bates Motel • Courage Go to explore the “Great White Shark” in the deep water area. Reference time for group participation in Mandarin: 10:30AM 12AM 2PM Non-working days: 10:30AM 12AM 1:30PM 2PM Please refer to the official website for the specific time.
Scenic spot map: Click https://pages.ctrip.com/tour/pdf1804/30.pdf to get the official electronic version of the Chinese map of Universal Studios Hollywood for free to make the game smoother
Stroller Rentals: Wheelchair and stroller rentals are available on campus at Universal Studios Hollywood. Cost: Single Stroller Rental $15.00/car/day; Double Stroller Rental $25.00/car/day
Wheelchair Rentals: Wheelchair rentals are available on the Universal Studios Hollywood campus. Wheelchair and electric vehicle (ECV) rentals are available in the park, just across from the Universal Studios store. Rental rates are as follows: Wheelchair – $15 Electric Moped – $60 A refundable deposit of $25 is required for wheelchair rentals.
Smoking Areas: For the comfort and safety of all park visitors and staff, smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas. E-cigarettes and vaporizers are also considered tobacco products. Please ask park staff about smoking locations. Smoking marijuana is prohibited.
Disabled Access: Universal Studios Hollywood provides comprehensive and convenient access for all people with disabilities. Many rides, shows, tourist attractions, escalators, and parking facilities are designed to accommodate visitors in wheelchairs or other disabilities. All attractions in the park have designated disabled entrances.
ATM: Quick and easy ATM Location: Outside the theme park: Main entrance (to the right of the ticket office) Throughout Universal CityWalk theme parks: Next to the Simpson Virtual Coaster™ Express Shop Near Jurassic Bay Cafe, Lower Park
Must-see tips:
1. You can purchase tickets online in advance, print them out and enter the park directly, or save the confirmation information on your mobile phone and scan the code for the staff to enter the park.

2. There are many tourists in the afternoon, and queues are required to enter the park and play items. If you want to play more projects, you can arrive early in the morning, or buy a two-day ticket or priority admission ticket.

3. Parking is very expensive by the hour, you can directly choose to be billed by about $20 per day, or just $5 with a voucher to watch a movie.

4. To enter the studio, you need to pass the security check, record your fingerprints, and remember to take the Chinese and English maps and performance timetables at the entrance.

5. Smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas in the park. Please ask the park staff for the specific location.

6. Wheelchair and stroller rental services are available in the park, ranging from $15 to $50.

7. In addition to English, the studio tour also provides Chinese and Spanish services, please check the specific time schedule.

8. Only food of the following nature is allowed: water bottles (single, unopened upon admission), baby food, fruits and vegetables. Certain foods (for health or dietary reasons) are permitted in single servings upon entering the park, with approval from the park.

Universal Studios Hollywood has VIPexperience, an exclusive behind-the-scenes filmmaking experience with a guided tour; explore filming locations and sets that are not open to the public; visit world-renowned multi-storey movie prop warehouses, soundstages and other on-set facilities; Universal Studios Unlimited Express Pass, unlimited access to all rides and fast-track entry to seating shows; luxurious lunch at VIP restaurant

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