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Hoover Dam is located in northwestern Arizona, about 40 kilometers southeast of Las Vegas. When the dam was completed in 1936, Republican leader Hoover was on stage, and the dam was named after him. It is an arch-type gravity artificial concrete dam with a height of 220 meters, a width of 200 meters at the bottom, a width of 14 meters at the top and a length of 377 meters. Such a huge dam is rare in the world. It is like a giant dragon lying on the ground, which is very mighty. After the dam is completed, it plays a huge role in the development of industry and agriculture.
The reservoir of Hoover Dam is the famous Lake Mead. Lake Mead is the largest artificial lake in the Western Hemisphere, with vast blue waves and endless horizons. It not only has beautiful scenery, but also can irrigate crops and use hydropower to generate electricity, which plays an important role in the development of production. The Hoover Dam’s power generation is 1,345 megawatts, which can supply most of the southwestern part of the Pacific coast, which shows the great contribution of the Hoover Dam.
The bedrock of the Hoover Dam is hard andesite and breccia. The riverbed is narrow and the banks are steep. The depth from the low water level to the bedrock is 33-40m, the lowest point is 42.4m, and the width of the water surface at the low water level is 88-113m. The watershed control area at the dam site is 432,500 square kilometers, accounting for 69% of the total watershed area. The reservoir area is 663.7 square kilometers. The maximum annual runoff at the dam site is 27.4 billion cubic meters, and the average annual runoff is 16 billion cubic meters.
The main structures of the project include barrage, diversion tunnel, flood discharge tunnel and power plant. The barrage is a concrete gravity arch dam with a dam height of 221.4m, a crest length of 379m, a crest width of 13.6m, a maximum width of 202m at the bottom, a crest radius of 152m, and a central angle of 138°. The dam body concrete pouring volume is 2.485 million cubic meters. There are two diversion tunnels with a diameter of 15.25m on the left and right banks, with a total length of 4860m and a diversion flow of 5670 cubic meters per second. The two tunnels on the left bank were first built in November 1932 to pass the water.
Opening hours:
Visitor Center: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Open year-round except Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Northwest of Las Vegas, Arizona.
Las Vegas is located in a desert area. The temperature in summer is about 100 degrees Fahrenheit (about 37 degrees Celsius), which is very hot. However, most commercial areas and office locations are equipped with air-conditioning. Average winter temperatures are around 50 degrees Fahrenheit (around 10 degrees Celsius), with occasional snow. The annual average temperature is 66.3 degrees Fahrenheit (19 degrees Celsius), with an average of 211.5 days of the year being mostly sunny, 82.4 days being sunny and cloudy, and the rest being cloudy and rainy.

1. Aviation
McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas is 8 kilometers from the city center. There are direct flights from most cities in the US and some Canadian and European cities. There are currently no direct flights in my country, and you can transfer to San Francisco or Los Angeles.
2. The bus
Take RTC109 to the north, turn to 201 at TROPICANA station, 202 at FLAMINGO station, 213 at DESERT INN, or 204 at SAHARA station to go west, you can reach any hotel on The Strip.
Take RTC109 to the south to SOUTH STRIP TRANSFER TERMINAL, and then transfer to the STRIP special line THE DEUCE-LAS VEGAS STRIP, you can reach any hotel on The Strip and the downtown area.
3. Shuttle bus
On the left hand side of the airport arrival hall, there is the SHUTTLES/LIMOUSINE logo. McCarran International Airport has a total of 6 companies including GRAYLINE, which operate bus and special car services to and from the airport and major hotels. Operating hours: Generally, the last flight arrives from 6-7 am to midnight. Fare to hotels on The Strip: minimum $5/way, minimum $9.50/round-trip.
4. Taxi
Las Vegas fare: The starting fee is $3.2, the airport passenger fee is $1.2, and the hotels on The Strip are generally $15-25.
5. Railway
There is no direct train to Las Vegas, you can take the Amtrak Railroad train to California and Arizona, and then take the Greyhound bus to Las Vegas.
6. Highway
American Greyhound Bus Station (702-384-9561, 200 N Main Street) shuttles from downtown to Los Angeles ($37, 6-hour drive), San Diego ($47, 8-hour drive) hours) and San Francisco ($70 for 15 hours). In the United States, it is usually a transfer from Los Angeles or San Francisco, and the flights are dense and very convenient. If it is economical, it is recommended to take the Greyhound bus. Although the time is very long, you can enjoy the desolate scenery along the way, and it is also not a lot of fun.
6. Self-driving route (from Los Angeles):
Rent a car from LAX Airport: After exiting the airport arrival hall, take the free bus from various rental companies around the island to pick up the car from the car rental company, then exit the airport area to the east, and you will see Route 405 (SAN DIEGO FREEWAY). Then, 405NORTH—10EAST—60EAST—15NORTH. On the 15NORTH, you will pass through the Mojave National Reserve along the way, 15NORTH—S LAS VEGAS BOULEVARD.
7. Bus
Mainly between the city and The Strip, about ten minutes, one-way fare 2 US dollars. Between the city and the airport, the one-way fare is $1.25. It’s $2 one way to The Strip, slightly cheaper to the rest of the city. Buses on The Strip are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Shopping in Las Vegas is as frenzied as gambling, with countless boutiques, brand names, chain stores and trendy shopping malls. You can find almost everything one wants on The Strip. The Fashion Show Mall on The Strip brings together America’s most famous department stores and the most incredible deals. Some shopping districts are built into hotels, such as The Forum Shops in Caesar Palace, which revives the thriving streets of ancient Rome. There is also a mall inside the casino.
Recommended shopping malls:
Fashion Show Las Vegas
At a height of 200,0000 feet, the top 20-story shopping plaza is booming during the day and shows various entertainment shows at night. Department stores include: Macy’s, Dillard’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Robinsons-May, Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus.
Address: 3200 Las Vegas Blvd S Las Vegas NV 89109
Phone: (702) 369-8382
Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 10am-9pm; Saturday: 10am-7pm; Sunday: 12pm-6pm

Las Vegas is a cosmopolitan city with casinos open 24 hours a day. If you don’t gamble, you can watch entertainment shows, song and dance shows. If there is a performance by a big-name Las Vegas star, the opportunity is not to be missed!

In recent years, the city has created a number of theme resort hotels such as Stratosphere, Luxor, New York-New York and entertainment theme parks such as Wet’N’ Wild, Grand Slam Canyon and MGM Grand Adventure. These amusement parks and themed resorts offer miniature, thrilling vacation experiences to linger in Las Vegas without ever stepping into a slot airport or gaming table. Las Vegas has transformed into a family-friendly entertainment hub where people of all ages can enjoy some of the best entertainment in the world.

There are plenty of casinos and entertainment shows on The Strip, and cabaret shows on Fremont Street in the heart of the city, all at a much more affordable price!

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