New York Central Park

New York Central Park
Guided Tour 1. The stroll begins at the West 72nd Street Subway Station, over Central Park West and West Trail, and follows the trail to the Strawberry Field. 2. Go north, follow any trail on the West Trail (preferably the trail near the lake), then turn right to the side of 79th Street. 3. Continue to go east, pass the intersection of the lateral side of No. 79 Street and the East Trail, and then take the South Trail to Wenchi. 4. Go west on the trail across the East Trail and into the Loeb Lake Boat Park. 5. Go south from the brick tunnel at the fountain, past the cross side of 72nd Street below, onto the boulevard. 6. From the end of the boulevard, walk to the west side of the East Trail. 7. Walk forward to the South Station of the pool, then turn left to the Grand Army Plaza, the stroll ends. It takes about two hours.

The VisitorInformationDiary is located at 65thSt. between the Children’s Zoo and the Round Rest. Since the building itself is Victorian, it is easy to find. Here you can buy a map of Central Park ($2) and ask for a seasonal calendar of events (CentralParkCalendar).

Central Park Zoo (TheWildlifeConservationCanter-CentralParkZoo) is located at the Children’s Zoo and FastDrive on 65thSt. Although there are not many kinds of animals from 10:30 to 17:30 (November to March 10:00 to 16:00, there is a marine taxidermy exhibition on weekends, where you can see penguins, monkeys, polar bears and other animals.

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10:00-16:30; Saturday/day/holiday 30) Tickets: Adult $2.50 Senior (over 65 years old) $1.25 Child (3-12 years old) 50cent Tel: 1-212-861- 6030

WoumanMemorial Rink (WoumanMemorialRink) from the visitor guide to the south, in the middle of 62ndSt. is the ice rink. Here, there is roller skating and golf until October, and real ice skating in winter.

Conservatory Garden (Conservatory Garden) It is located at the intersection of 5thAve. and 105thSt. The garden with fountain is a famous place for outdoor weddings in summer. There are lilacs, old flowers, geraniums and other plants here, and there are free garden tours every Sunday.

Opening hours: 08:00-Sunday Tel: 1-212-360-2766

The Trolly Tour is a 90-minute tour of the sprawling Central Park by railcar. Tickets can be bought at the GrandArmyPlaza at the intersection of 5thAve and 60thSt, even better if you book in advance. Departure time: 3 times a day (10:30, 13:00, 15:00); Saturday/day does not operate Admission: Adult $15 Student/Senior $13 Child $7.50 Tel: 1-212-397-3809

Address: From 50thSt. to 110thSt. From 5thAve. to 8thAve. NewYork, NY Flying over Manhattan Island, the Central Park (CenteralPark) below is like a pool table in a cluttered room, all at once It catches your attention: it is a tranquil rectangle of greenery, nestled in the arms of the city’s network of criss-crossing streets. The size of the park is staggering – 843 acres of land. What was originally a near wilderness is now a large idyllic game reserve, with dense woods, lakes and lawns, and even farms and pastures where sheep are grazing. The creation of such a park in such a bustling and prosperous metropolis has been praised worldwide. Moreover, in this crowded area, a road has been built under the park, so that passing vehicles can pass through the park without disturbing the tranquility of the visitors.

Whether it’s winter or summer, the southern part of the park is a fun place for families. Here, you can fly a kite or UFO, skate, bask in the sun, or watch the animals at the zoo in a few minutes walking through the Plaza de Colombia or Plaza de la Grande. You can also have a picnic on the big lawn, which is parallel to the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Arts; ahead is the reservoir, where people are often jogging. The north is quieter, with three formal gardens donated by the Vanderbeit family.

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